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02 March 2009 @ 06:11 am
JS Prom and Dates  
Saturday, Feb. 28, 2007

I asked my mom to accompany me to a hair salon for a hair cellophane. Upon arriving there, we were asked, "Ma'am, magpapaayos po kayo? Sa taas po tayo." My mom and I were like "Huh?" Then they asked again, "JS Prom po ba?" Ahhh...then I negated that notion by shaking my head and saying, "No. Hair cellophane."

So, a woman led me to wash my hair, and after that was whisked into the hands of a gentle guy/gay who reminded me of James McAvoy's character in the "Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" because of his curly curly hair. :) Then in an attempt to start a conversation, he asked, "Sang school ka?" I looked at him questioningly. "Mag JS ka ba?" I answered, "No.  Wala lang. Gusto ko lang magpa-cellophane." Then he said while applying the cream onto my hair, "Ang ganda naman ng buhok mo, ang itim itim. Healthy." I blushed and and could see my eyes twinkling, then quipped, "And dami ngang dandruff eh!" The faun-like guy said, "Hindi naman ah..."

Me: "Akala mo lang wala, pero meron. Meron!"

Same day, night.

My mom and dad went on a date in Tagaytay. So being the eldest, I was left in charge of my siblings--my brother, my two younger sisters, and my cousin.


6am--I woke up and prepared breakfast: bacon, ham, friend rice, fried eggplant, fried dried fish, two hot and spicy Pancit Canton with eggs, and pastillas for dessert.

8am--I assigned task for each person: youngest sister Niquie to tidy the garage and terrace, my cousin Carla to clean the living room and dining room, me at the kitchen, and younger sister Yamee to clean the dirty kitchen...my brother, er...was left alone to do his thesis. Yes, I was that considerate. Haha!

9am--Yamee went to her Dance Troupe practice/rehearsal. Niquie, Carla and I were left to do the cleaning upstairs...my brother, was still doing his thesis. Hehe. :P

10am--Time to cook lunch: Menudo and deep-fried potatoes with cheesy dip for dessert.

11am--Read Inquirer.

11:30--lunch time. Sending Niquie to bring Yamee's lunch to school...500 meters or so from our house.

2pm--the arrival of the "newly weds". Heehee! Mom and dad recounting their adventure over merienda they've bought for us to enjoy (or to make bawi to us) Hahaha!

What a crazy weekend!