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22 January 2009 @ 12:05 am
I Am Wearing a Paradox-Branded Skin  
By Asuhtah

Sometimes, people (especially those I know) might find it hard to understand me.

No worries

It's just me not wanting to be understood.
I sometimes bask myself in the idea of my being incomprehensible.

It's for my self-preservation.

But some people can't accept the idea of not knowing exactly. They really want to know no matter what, not realizing that they 're wasting their time. It's like finding the right answer for the wrong question.

So I wonder: Why can't they understand that I don't want to be understood? That's what I want them to understand--that I don't want to be understood.

For those who still want to try and exert their effort in wanting so bad to understand me WHEN I DON'T WISH TO BE UNDERSTOOD, please try to understand that I don't want you to understand me.

Now wait...

What am I doing? Trying to be understood when I am stressing the opposite?
Now, I'm negating myself.

Submerged in my own contradiction.

However insane I may be, the fact remains that I enjoy (this play of or display of) paradox.
Afterall, Emily Dickinson said:

Much madness is divinest sense.

Dare figure?